5 Cute Baby Shower Games

Here are 5 cute and fun baby shower games to play.

1. Baby Shower Games – Guess the Price

Put your guest baby knowledge to the test! Ask them to guess the price of products such as nappies, baby food or dummies then add up the total and whoever has the nearest correct total wins!











2. Mum’s The Word

This classic game has a baby shower twist! Split your guests up into two teams. One player from each team selects one card from the top of the deck and starts the timer. The player has to describe to word or phrase on the card without saying any words themselves. If team members can correctly guess the word or phrase before the time runs out they will collect a point!









3. Baby Shower Party Bingo Game

This cute bingo game has a cute baby shower twist! Instead of numbers, these game boards have cute illustrations such as teddy bears, dummies, and ducks. Get a row or full house to win!








4. Baby Shower Word Scramble

Give your guests a brain work out with this baby themed word scrabble. Split into teams or individually and see who can decipher the quickest.








5. My Water Broke!

These cute little baby figurines are so much fun in many different ways! Use them to scatter around your party table or give away as a fun memento. We would recommend using them in the game ‘My Water Broke!’

In this, you place the figures into icecube trays and cover with water. When completely frozen give your guest one each and whoever melts their ice cube the fastest so the baby is free and shouts ‘My Water Broke!’ first wins!


Top 5 Games To Play On Your Hen Night

Here are 5 Top games from Party Rocks to play on your hen night.

1. Truth or Dare Hen Party Game

This fun card deck has 52 outrageous dares for everyone in your party! Will they do it or will they forfeit and buy everyone a round of shots!







2. Junk On The Hunk

A hilarious and naughty twist on the age-old favorite where players must give the hunk his willie back. Players are blindfolded and must place one of the 12 assorted willies back in the right place.






3. Scratch-a-Dare Game

How much trouble will this scratch card game get you in? Players have to scratch off a kiss from each row to decide ‘WHAT?’ the dare is, ‘WHO?’ will they do it too and ‘HOW?’ will they do it!





4. Willy Jigsaw Puzzle

This naughty puzzle game is a fun icebreaker to introduce the members of the hen party to each other!

Play in teams to see who can put the puzzle together the fastest! Whoever wins gets a prize! Or the team that loses drinks!







5. Dare Dice Game

Let the Dice decide!

Players must roll the dice and do what it commands!